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If you have health concerns you can use our symptom checker below.

Please note that it is not meant to replace seeing your doctor.

Your Appointment

First visit:

For your first visit to our clinic please bring along your health card and arrive about 10minutes early so that we can collect your health card details and contact information.

We reserve the right to charge you directly for the service we provide if you have no evidence of a valid health insurance coverage from a  Canadian province. A valid Health card from any Canadian province is acceptable with exception of Quebec. Nationals from Quebec have to pay directly.

Multiple Unrelated Concerns

We understand that “one problem per visit” doesn’t always work, but we are working hard to provide safe care as well as keep wait times to a minimum. To ensure that you are satisfied with from your visit it is important to start with you main complaint. We would do our best to deal with additional issues safely. If this is not feasible we might ask you to make a follow up appointment. It may be unsafe to try going through a list of unrelated issues in one short visit.

Missed Appointments

We aim to provide “timely healthcare access”. So please call to cancel your appointment as soon as you become aware that you cannot keep a scheduled appointment. Ideally we need a minimum of 24hrs to be able to get fill your appointment. This practice enables us to keep waiting lists to a minimum and provide a timely access to everyone. We reserve the right to charge you directly for “no-shows”. 

Follow-up appointments

It is ideal to make your follow up appointments before you leave the clinic if this is possible. This will save you the frustration of trying to get through busy phone lines. Of course if you are not sure of your times then it is better to make them when you are sure so as not to have to cancel or miss it later.


Staff at our front desk are part of our care team and aim to ensure that you visit goes smoothly. As a result they may ask you the reason for your visit. This is not to be nosy! They are bound by the same confidentiality as the health professional you would be seeing so you information is CONFIDENTIAL.

They help us to use our time more efficiently by getting you ready for the doctor’s visit and exam. For example, if you come for a blood pressure medicine refill they will get you to take off your jacket to be ready for a blood pressure measurement. If you come for a diabetes follow-up or a prenatal visit or if you are worried about a urine infection they would check your urine.

When you call to make an appointment, they may ask the purpose of your visit—this helps them to book the right amount of time for you.






You can securely book online at anytime 24/7.

You may be asked to register on your first occasion.

If unable to keep appointment, CALL TO CANCEL as soon as you know!

You can still call 306 662 3776 to book your appointment!

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